Brenham Angel Guardians

A Parent's Plan to Protect Our School Children of Washington County Texas


NOTICE: This is NOT an Official BISD Website but rather a private effort to educate the public of the need of such a drastic plan in dangerous times.


We must change our school active shooter policy from:

Run - Hide - Cower


Prepare - Fight - Protect


Executive Summary

This proposal is in response to the deadly active shooter incidents around the nation.  It is a plan for how the Brenham Independent School District (BISD) can realistically combat and practically eliminate future similar occurrences in our schools.  Since most previous active shooters are stopped by force or threat of force, BISD schools need an aggressive and standardized action plan for counter force in ALL schools immediately.


A new group of tactically trained teachers and other education professionals needs to be assembled to comprise the Brenham Angel Guardians to physically protect the children and teachers in every BISD school from active shooters.   These Guardians will be initially screened only after obtaining their Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) and volunteering to be a Brenham Angel Guardian.  After they are screened and cleared by the BISD school board, those CHL-holding volunteers can undergo Active Shooting combat training conducted by Brenham Police Department (BPD). 


Brenham Angel Guardians Volunteer Criteria

Is currently a BISD full time professional level employee – Faculty or Staff.

Has held Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) for at least one year

Willing to submit to a psychological evaluation during initial screening and on going basis if necessary

Volunteers on own free will to apply and be trained by Brenham Police as a Brenham Angel Guardian to lawfully have access to a handgun that meets the program’s requirements while on campus during school hours to protect students and other personnel in the event of an active shooter

Should have the will to confront and combat an active shooter with deadly force

Understand that status as a Brenham Angel Guardian is reviewed and renewed by BISD Board in cooperation with law enforcement annually

Identity of the Brenham Angel Guardians will only be known by the BISD officials, law enforcement, and other Guardians

Guardian Training under Brenham Police Department (BPD)

Guardians will receive intensive training to verify marksmanship and handgun requirements

Guardians will learn critical communication protocols with BPD for an active shooter event

Guardians will be introduced to handgun combat tactics such as utilizing cover, shot placement, move and shoot maneuvers, etc. as BPD sees fit

Guardians will be trained in first aid and initial gunshot wound treatment

Weapon Specifications

Ammunition and firearm types will be per Brenham Police Department specifications

Weapon must be concealed on Guardians without classrooms at all times while on campus – no unsecured storage allowed

Locked down and hidden bio-metric handgun safes will store firearm for Guardians that have classrooms


Plan Support


This proposal has the support (under Brenham Police Department specifications) of the Brenham Police Chief, Washington County Sheriff and District Attorney.  All three of these law enforcement officials have met numerous times to review and recommend modifications to the Brenham Angel Guardians plan and have also presented their support in front of the BISD school board in public meetings two times as of September 2013.


An official BISD survey of it's staff was conducted in September of 2013 and at least 54% of respondents SUPPORTED the Brenham Angel Guardians plan.


During the October 2013 public BISD school board meeting numerous BISD school principals either endorsed and/or supported the Brenham Angel Guardians plan.

Many parents, local educators and other concerned citizens that understood the Brenham Angel Guardians plan have spoken in support of it at numerous BISD school meetings

Please Sign Our Support Petition

The vote on the Brenham Angel Guardians plan by BISD board members will likely occur on Monday November 18th at 6pm at the Brenham High School.  Please sign our petition to that will be presented to them on the eve of the vote so we can get this passed and implemented.


News and Media Reports



Active Shooter Evil

Since the 1990s, active shooting incidents have been occurring once or twice a year with devastating results.  This unfortunately in not some passing fad and will most likely continue.

Force Must Be Met With Force

Active shooting incidents are usually ended by the shooter taking his life after or just before encountering an opposing force.  The key factor is time since every minute represents multiple lives lost.  The force to end the active shooter’s carnage must be on campus and have the ability to hear the shots or be notified by radio to immediately deploy to the shooting area within seconds of the violent intrusion. 

Auditing Active Shooter Statistics – David Barker – July 2012

After analysis of 29 active shooter events over three decades was conducted, it found that six times more victims died when the event was stopped by police compared to the event being stopped by armed civilians.  Fourteen incidents were stopped by police with a total of 200 dead. That comes to 14.3 murdered victims per incident. Fifteen incidents were stopped by bystanders with a total of 35 dead. That comes to 2.3 murdered victims per incident.  This was BEFORE the December 2012 killings where police arrived in Newtown CT with 26 dead and the mall shooting in Oregon where an armed civilian stopped the killing by just pointing the gun at the active shooter after two civilians were killed.

How an Assistant Principal With a Gun Stopped a School Shooter

At 8 a.m. on Oct. 1, Luke Woodham, 16, bookish and overweight, drove a white Chevy Corsica up to his high school. That was already a sign of trouble: the young man had poor vision and was driven to school every day by his mother. But three hours earlier that morning, Mary Ann Woodham, 50, had been stabbed to death with a butcher knife in the home she shared with her son.

Luke Woodham walked into Pearl High’s commons, an enclosure created by the school’s buildings. He then took a .30-.30 rifle from beneath his blue trench coat and opened fire, wounding seven schoolmates and killing two, Lydia Kaye Dew, 17, and Christina Menefee, 16, a girl he once dated.  Roy Balentine, the principal, dashed out of his office when he heard the first shots.  “I ran out to see if something possibly malfunctioned,” he said. “I was hoping that’s what it was, but I knew it sounded like gunshots.”

He saw Woodham, about 15 or 20 feet away, wearing a big, blue coat and holding a rifle. Balentine dangled both arms to show how Woodham held the rifle low out in front of him.  Fearing Woodham would come for him next, Balentine ran to his office to call the police. As he dialed, more shots rang out. More students fell.

Methodically Woodham began moving through the commons, shooting his victims as students and teachers hid or fled screaming. One of those hit was Lydia Dew, 17, killed with a bullet in the back.  “He was so cool and calm. I saw him shoot a kid, and he ejected the shell,” says assistant principal Joel Myrick. “He was walking along, thumbing fresh rounds into the side port of the rifle.”

Minutes later, Assistant Principal Joel Myrick chased Woodham down outside the school, held him at bay with a Colt .45-caliber automatic pistol he kept in his truck in the school parking lot. He forced Woodham to the ground and put his foot on the youth’s neck.

“I think he’s a coward,” Myrick said. “I had my weapon pointed at his face, and he didn’t want to die.”